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Interiors Testimonials

“…great to work with people who are committed to excellence in workmanship and customer service.”
     —Mike Lawings, Blue Cross Blue Shield


“We know that Cork-Howard will consistently put forth the same level of effort, service, and diligence, whether the project is large or small, because your company understands the importance of business relationships.”
     —Barbara Clark, Cousins Properties, Inc.


“The project was managed professionally from start to finish. The staff was professional, and every element to include planning, scheduling the work, and scope completion was performed with the tenants’ needs in mind. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that Cork-Howard is able to maintain, secures their unique position in the marketplace. I always feel comfortable utilizing Cork-Howard for my projects.”
      —Jennifer Olson, Cousins Properties Services


“The primary reason GE continues to use Cork-Howard is due to the integrity and dependability we have experienced while working with you and your company. Critical deadlines and schedules are always met. Budgets remain intact. If there are variations to either, Cork-Howard manages to find alternates, which do not impact the operations of our company. What more can we ask or expect?”
     —Amy LeBlanc, GE Power Systems


“The attention to detail in the finish transitions, stonework, and the millwork make those spaces very special; you have set the standard for other projects around the country.”
     —Robert Caldwell, Gensler


“…wonderfully pleased at the professionalism, timeliness and the excellent workmanship of your company.”
     —Amy Sessions, Jones Lang LaSalle


“…sincere in their commitment to draw out the best in each other, act as one team, and deliver results.  The way they do their job reflects their drive, inventiveness, and commitment to always be genuine in their approach.”
     —Martin Brannon, Mirant Corporation


“…exceeded our expectations; and accomplished a quality built project within a “warped speed” schedule.  Every challenge…was handled not only professionally but with a positive team-oriented attitude.”
     —Ann Rubio, Rule Joy Trammel + Rubio


“In addition to the high quality of professionalism and workmanship implemented by the entire Cork-Howard team, I was most impressed by the miracles performed in meeting the demanding and tight timeline that we had.”
     — Sylvia Bedgood, Sciele Phama, Inc.


“Cork-Howard presents an entirely different company… always accessible and willing to find answers to even the most difficult questions and situations.  Most importantly, you have instilled an admirable work ethic into every employee of the firm.”
     — Nancy Vassey, The Boston Consulting Group

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