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This new 55,000sf state-of-the-art fiber optic ‘Pop’ site for high-speed data transfer was made more challenging as the center was built in an existing 100-year old building in the heart of downtown Atlanta; in which involved detailed negotiations with the city.  Teleglobe’s site provides inner-city fiber optic access for both in-house and tenant needs.  Significant structural upgrades to Teleglobe’s space as well as the roof were required to house the new equipment. 

This necessitated immense electrical and cooling to accommodate a 19,800KVA electrical service, local 1,600 A-substation with expansion capabilities, a 2,000kw generator, a DC conversion plant, multiple AC/DC battery plants and AC/DC UPS systems, two 500-ton chillers with dual pump package and 10 independent CRAC units.  In order to place the chillers, CRAC units, and other equipment upon the roof, Cork-Howard had to close down a portion of Peachtree Street.  Additionally, the project included the installation of a 55,000sf pre-action sprinkler system and a 10,500sf FM 200 system for fire protection.  The design included 15,000sf of immediate expansion space.  Despite the many challenges, the project was delivered in only 19 weeks.


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